Sponsorship Program by Animation Addicts

Welcome to Pay it forward, a free animation reel review. This is a way for addicts like me to pay back those who helped me through the hard times and acted as sponsors in my pursuit of becoming a better animator and my way to mastering my addiction.

Once a month Animation-Addicts will sponsor one submitter to help guide his/her reel, will record a review and will deconstruct what the reel is missing and what it needs to be strengthened. Obviously, changes upon the feedback are up to you, as everything in our industry tends to be open to opinion, style and taste. If you are not chosen feel free to resubmit the following month until you are selected.

Thank you for choosing me as your Sponsor, I’ll do my best to help you on the road to recovery. SIGN UP HERE.

You can see previous reviews at Animation Addicts’ Videos.
The reviews are meant to be posted online so others can see and learn as well, but I understand that this can be a sensitive issue since it’s opening yourselves and your work to critique online. Please state whether you agree to have it posted online or not.