12 Steps

These 12 Steps, or, more accurately called – 12 Principles of Animation, were the key in helping deal with my addiction and turning it from a weakness to a strength. They represent both the artistic/emotional side of our craft as well as the technical. Mastering both will ensure that you have your addiction under control and aid you in executing the best animated shots you can.
In this section I will collect over time posts and demos that demonstrate the importance of each of the 12 Principles as well as open it up to discussion so others can share the experiences with overcoming these 12 step to a better shot.

Step 1 – HONESTY

Jun 1, 2012

Honesty has so many places in animation with so many meanings. First off, in the context of an addiction, excepting that you, as well as I, are geeks and proud of it. No, don’t fight it. We love cartoons and all the silly things that go along with it, be proud, be heard: I am […]

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