Crafting a Feature Shot – PLANNING

Nov 14, 2012

Now comes the part that’s the hardest in my eyes… planning! In theory, we Animators would love days to plan the shot, until we have every little part of it figured out and really get at the heart of it while keeping it entertaining, but, in reality, we have around half a day if you’re […]

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Crafting a Feature Shot – BOARDS

Aug 13, 2012

Now, usually the next step would be to go through the audio a few hundred times and do some thumbnails and really try and come-up with a good performance, but since we have to create everything from scratch we will start with the boards. So, below you will find rough boards, since I didn’t need […]

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The Key to Animation – Part 2

Jun 19, 2012

After some interesting feedback from a fellow animator (you know who you are, Mike!) it was suggested that I should dig a little deeper with the How & Why post since it was only getting interesting towards the end. So this The Key to Animation – Part 2 post will give more examples while try to elaborate […]

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The Key to Animation

Jun 11, 2012

Well that might be a little bit of a misleading title, but I need to grab you guys and gals with something. A better title might be The guide to believable mechanics in Animation. In later post I will dive into the more “artistic” side of my addiction. Right now I would like to focus […]

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